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The Best Time To Sell Your Land


Selling Land to Meet Demand

If you are the owner of a large patch of land and are sitting comfortably watching the ongoing housing crisis of 2021, you may be wondering when’s the best time to make enquiries about selling land for property development and how much it is worth to a developer.

You may feel like there will be an imminent crash or that the potential of your land price may go even further, but in truth, the best time on the horizon is right around now to start making enquiries with property developers. There may be certain factors that could play into the sale of your land, especially if it is around a heritage site or listed building, or if the ground underneath holds some unforeseen surprises that could prevent development.

There may also be other considerations to look into in regards to your land.


Farmland and fields are always a great source of interest for residential property developers, mainly due to their countryside settings which have seen a huge influx of interest for people wanting homes. The pent up desire to escape city life following the pandemic has resulted in record-breaking sales of properties that have greener pastures.

Of course, the desire for developers to have this land means you stand in good stead in the current climate, but there may be considerations underneath the land that could require a lot of work to be done to make it a stable development.

Sinkholes and hazardous waste could lay underneath your fields that could jeopardize the potential for development, so discovering these potential hazards is best discovered sooner rather than later.

Old Disused Buildings

Many older buildings that are in a state of abandonment or disrepair are always a good source for redevelopment from a residential property developer Manchester. The potential to convert these old buildings or even the land they sit on into lavish apartments is a great investment.

Naturally, if you have an old property, building or disused factory then that could be coming with old problems. This site would probably need extensive work in asbestos removal if the building is pre-dating 1999, which will have to be undertaken whether it was being fully renovated or demolished. The pure scope of that work will factor into the developers budget, so it is best to get that determined as early as possible so you know how it factors in.


Having a landfill, junkyard or scrap field holds great potential despite how it currently looks, but it will take in many factors to ensure its potential is fulfilled.

The ground could potentially be spoiled by leaking oils or waste that has seeped into the ground over the years, even to the point where the ground itself could be toxic. A lot of work may need to be done to make the area livable. This requires a lot of testing that can take a fair amount of time to characterise.

If you are wondering about selling land for property development, contact the team at Virtu Homes to discuss its potential whilst demand for quality new build developments is high.


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