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Buying a New Build Property is a Positive Step

When considering your options on your next property, there are usually a lot of considerations between putting your money into a fixer-upper that will present a lot of financial uncertainties, older buildings that have unforeseen problems lying underneath, or buying a new build property.

Whilst older buildings may come with the benefit of bagging a bargain, the real costs come with the repair, re-installation and potential asbestos removal which begins to rack up your budget. Many people purchase cheap fixer-uppers and find themselves selling up again after giving up trying to restore or renovate. The reason you get it so cheap is that it was deemed too costly to fix up themselves.

The advantages lay with new build developments, from finding everything you need ready and waiting to the ultimate satisfaction of the surroundings.

All Choices Inclusive

It is true that when you register interest in residential property development at an early stage, the more options you have to have everything you want from it.

For example, if you love summer in the garden you can register interest in having a south-facing garden to enjoy barbecues and activities with the kids. Or if you look more for a top floor apartment you could have the windows and balcony area facing the sunset with the ability to enjoy breakfast overlooking the view. New builds are developed by residential property developers with the needs of modern house-buyers in mind, so you have a much better chance of getting everything you want without having to renovate an entire floor to get it.


The best benefits of buying a new build are that you are not seeing a ton of maintenance and repair costs as soon as you get through the doors, with even more sure to make an appearance.

The other safety net for your budget is that a new build property comes with a ten-year warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC) or similar, meaning that any structural defects will be taken care of without costing you a penny. With the builder covering the first two years and the NHBC covering the following eight, you have the reassurance of it being put right. Your white goods within the property will also be covered by an additional warranty along with the property.

Once the keys are in your hands, the agent and new owner will often take a tour around the property to discover any little snags that need attention, which will then be handled by the developer at no cost to you.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most promising aspects of buying a new build is that they will come with all the latest devices that ensure energy efficiency and renewable power. This means that your property will not be required to have installers come at a later date to install smart meters, remove asbestos or fix old boilers that are soon to be replaced.

Your home will have all requirements that meet the successful transition into zero net emissions that the UK has set in motion.

If you are looking towards buying a new build property, contact the team at Virtu Homes today.

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I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Virtu Homes with the supply of my husband’s and my dream house. After talks with so many other firms who could not identify the right feel for our intended home, we were completely bowled over by the professional practice in providing the home Virtu has. Minimal fuss and we moved into an incredible house with ease. Virtu Homes we strongly recommend as the go-to business for the best living.

Just genius. Everything that was provided to us by the team at Virtu Homes was 100% on the money and we are greatly satisfied with the results of our new home. We have a lot of guests usually and by taking into account our many family gatherings, they were able to provide a stylish and spacious home fit for a royal visit, let alone our own. Highly recommended.

I cannot fathom the amount of work put in by Virtu Homes over the time in securing the perfect home for my family. After the first initial meetings we are always skeptical that something would always put the spanner in the works in getting the home we wanted. Virtu Homes not only listened to everything we wanted in a home but also went far beyond with the final product. Absolutely wonderful people who have done everything we could have hoped for in providing our beautiful home.

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