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Individuality is one of the keywords that property developers love


What Are The Most Requested Features of a Custom Home?

Individuality is one of the keywords that property developers love to hear because it means that they will be making something challenging and unique when it comes to the luxury home interior of their projects.

Throughout the years, the team at Virtu Homes have developed many homes tailored to individual taste; some of them one of a kind, some that toe similar lines, but when it comes down to the individual, there are recurring patterns of a requirement that always factor in.


As people get older they collect a lot of stuff, and many of them tend to clutter up the home if they want to keep them.

Many people like to start collections or have rooms specifically as storage container. Whilst many people used to use their loft or basement spaces to horde a lifetime of memories and trinkets, the request for more space for storage in a home such as under stair shelving where it would usually be a solid wall, custom cabinets and shelving built into hallways or even turning the loft or basement into a rack aisle for storage is the new norm.

Larger Bathroom Use

It’s no surprise that people love their luxury within the home, and the desire for close-quarter bathrooms has diminished over the years.

Now people like more luxury and features in their bathroom space, be it a walk-in wetroom or a built-in sauna. Some people even like to go the extra mile and fully spa out their bathroom complete with massage tables, centre features and jacuzzi tubs. Today it is not uncommon for people to request dual sinks in the bathrooms as well as luxury vinyl flooring instead of ceramic tile.

Home Theater Rooms

Here we are in 2021 and those cinemas have still not reopened yet, which is why many people now find the luxury of having their slice of cinema in the home.

Rooms where a family can get together to watch a movie with huge comfy lounge sofas, large screen tv and surround sound that can be insulated from disturbing the rest of the house is now a huge part of the enjoyment in the home. Whether it’s watching your favourite Netflix shows, or having the boys over to watch the finals or fight night, everyone loves the ability to relax with a bit of extra enjoyment in the home.

Smart Home Tech

Many homeowners love the feeling of having everything at the touch of a button. The ability to access music in any room of the house and being able to set lighting with pre-programmed settings adds to the mood of the home.

With the advent of smart meter technology, it also is great to know your usage and how to reduce a carbon footprint within the palm of your hands, which has made it a high request in the initial design phases.

Laundry Rooms

Everyone hates having a washing basket just hanging around a bedroom or bathroom, and no one seems to like moving it to the washing machine.

This has resulted in a high interest in incorporating a washroom closer to the bedroom, making the transitions of putting the clothes in and away after every wash a much simpler task. No more making your teenagers drag their washing through the house to a washing machine and taking all day to do it – having a laundry room next to bedrooms takes all the hassle away.

For your new build developments, we would love to hear what suits you for your forever home. Contact the team at Virtu Homes today to discuss what you want from today’s residential property developer in Manchester, by way of luxury home interior.


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I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Virtu Homes with the supply of my husband’s and my dream house. After talks with so many other firms who could not identify the right feel for our intended home, we were completely bowled over by the professional practice in providing the home Virtu has. Minimal fuss and we moved into an incredible house with ease. Virtu Homes we strongly recommend as the go-to business for the best living.

I cannot fathom the amount of work put in by Virtu Homes over the time in securing the perfect home for my family. After the first initial meetings we are always skeptical that something would always put the spanner in the works in getting the home we wanted. Virtu Homes not only listened to everything we wanted in a home but also went far beyond with the final product. Absolutely wonderful people who have done everything we could have hoped for in providing our beautiful home.

Just genius. Everything that was provided to us by the team at Virtu Homes was 100% on the money and we are greatly satisfied with the results of our new home. We have a lot of guests usually and by taking into account our many family gatherings, they were able to provide a stylish and spacious home fit for a royal visit, let alone our own. Highly recommended.

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