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Presenting Your Hot 2021 Housing Trends

If anything has been positive out of 2020 it has been the clearer understanding and focus of what people are now wanting from their homes, particularly in the fields of new build developments where property development trends are becoming increasingly eco focussed.

The team at Virtu Homes have been accommodating to a lot of the newfound desires of future homeowners and the requirements they need from a forever home. Here, we share some of the hottest design trends that people are looking for in a bespoke home in order to live more sustainably and satisfactory.

Industrial Design and Smart Homes

Two of the biggest requests on residential property developers in 2020 have seen a great carry over into 2021.

Industrial style incorporates asymmetrical forms in construction, characterised by wood, aluminium, iron and even recycled plastics which has seen a positive reduction in construction costs. This can present fantastic looking loft spaces utilising tiles and brick mixed with impressive combinations of an industrial feel.

Another is the advent of home automation or smart homes which give control of temperature, light and security. Not only do these homes offer the best in comfort but many are drawn to the greater reduction of consumption bills. For those people who are venturing into social awareness and environmental care when it comes to their home, smart homes are soon going to be the new norm in housing development.

Multipurpose Space

After a year spent trying to figure out ways of separating homeschooling and home working, the integration of different areas allows for practical space for the entire family.

Integrating the kitchen and living room is the most popular form of home integration, with living rooms linked with a terrace area also a hot trend. To accommodate this change people also desire a breakfast bar or island to join these two rooms together in place of a traditional wall, creating great use of space that makes your home feel more spacious and modern.

This also creates a great dynamic of being able to not be separated as a family whenever food preparation is being done and the rest of the family play or undertake activities.

Wetrooms and Extended Bathrooms

The big change in design requests is definitely the desire of wetrooms within the home.

Not necessarily as a replacement for bathrooms or walk-in showers, wetrooms have become a most wanted design attraction for extra spaces in the home as well as the family bathroom. Some people also use this opportunity to expand on a wetroom to incorporate other aspects to make the room a fully relaxing area.

Sauna’s, whirlpools, massage tables and other perks to the bathroom have not become an uncommon request with many people seeing the closing of such luxuries opening up the opportunity to have it built into the home.

At Virtu Homes our team looks to incorporate a wide variety of bespoke fixtures and desires of the client into our new build developments. Should you have a requirement for the future of your home, we want to hear about how we can deliver on the dream. Contact Virtu Homes today and discuss property development trends with us!

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