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Bespoke eco homes are seeing their day in the sun finally come around.


What is an Eco Home and Why You Would Want One

There was once a point in history where the eco-home was seen as a special attraction that was not going to catch on. That has changed significantly into what is now considered the effective selling point of green credentials attracting more people to want to live more sustainably by adopting eco home designs.

With the advent of embracing greener building techniques and new greener technologies incorporated into housing designs, bespoke eco homes are seeing their day in the sun finally come around.

The Draw

When drawing up plans for a bespoke eco-home to be developed by residential property developers, the key focus is the various sustainable living benefits that it can offer going forwards.

Naturally, the lower utility bills are going to be a huge attraction to the overall picture presented, as well as the drive to achieve net-zero carbon energy emission. Certainly living off the grid is a homeowner’s dream, so having a home with solar panels, closed foam insulation, sealed attic space, low-emissivity windows, heat pumps and advanced framing may seem like a costly exercise to build from the ground up. However, these costs certainly are reduced as well as the heating and cooling requirements.

When it comes to the usage of water, your eco home can preserve supplies via the use of waste-reducing plumbing, high-efficiency appliances and highly advanced irrigation systems in order to utilise the natural resources in a more responsible manner. It is entirely possible to have a net-zero home in 2021, powered by your eco-friendly systems.

Low Costs of Operation

When talking with your property developers on your project, you can get the ideal construction techniques that ensure that water and energy will be used efficiently.

This can be achieved through numerous ways such as enhanced daylight throughout the home, solar heating and environmentally friendly lighting techniques which can save a lot of money in the long run. The one word that an eco-home can bring to the table is durability.

Eco-homes are about low maintenance by using long-lasting, recycled materials and design in features that are sustainable. You want your home to last and that is the focus of engagement with a residential property developer in Manchester; finding a way to enjoy a home for longer the way you require to be.

Reduced Footprint

By having a bespoke eco-home built for you, you are greatly reducing your own environmental footprint.

In selecting the best, most environmentally sustainable designs for your home with your property developers you are greatly reducing the amount of old material that needs to be thrown out on a landfill. From the first phase of development, you are utilising greener materials and not pulling up or replacing older materials, including asbestos, that renovations to an older property would require.

For more information on bespoke eco-homes contact the team at Virtu Homes, building greener pastures from greener solutions with eco home designs.



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