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guide to buying a new build home

Top tips to getting the most out of your new build developments.


New Build Buying Guide

No matter who you are, you love buying new things because it ushers in a sense of change and we love to feel satisfied with our purchase. This is why Virtu Homes thought a guide to buying a new build home was in order.

It can be small items like clothes or a new TV, but when it comes to buying a newbuild home it is a lot more than a novelty item for short term satisfaction. Newbuild properties are all about providing that comfort level, be it in eco-friendly designs to lavish decors, but overall it is all about investing in the future for yourself and potentially your generation to follow.

In order to get the best out of buying new, here are some top tips to getting the most out of your new build developments.

Draft Up the List

You need to be looking at the necessities when it comes to your home. Sure it’s great to window shop but before you go looking at property you should develop a checklist to be sure you are not left wanting after being wowed by what it has.

Are the rooms sizable enough not just for what you have but also what you look to include as life moves forward is a big consideration? If you suddenly want to start planning a family then you don’t want to have to upscale to achieve it. Look into what garden space, access, parking and every other kind of consideration you need to think about should a small life enter yours.

Plan for the Unexpected

Obviously building a family is among the biggest instigators of change within plans for your home.

Whilst some people can plan for extensions or even better utilising existing space, you need to think about a lot of instances that could result in you needing more room other than children space. You may need a home with space for two vehicles if your partner drives so looking into a home with a garage space with a double driveway or even a twin garage is something you may need to consider.

As we have seen with the pandemic you may end up working from home more or choose to work from there full time, which means you need adequate separate space to be able to work effectively. For this, you may choose a room as an office or even a back garden that can house an external garden building in order to work from without the household distractions disturbing your workload.


As a lot of people choose to move to more rural or gated communities than city living in 2021, you stand to have better satisfaction levels by doing some research into exactly how local the most important factors are to your home.

Are you looking for a secure area that has better access to good schools for your children or close to the local village and fine dining establishments, so that a night out is not a long transit back to the house?

Discovering a lot about the community you are set to live within ensures that you are not left in a jam if something important is not as easy to access. When discussing your requirements with residential property developers, be sure that the things that matter are a full part of your new build developments in order to enjoy your property for life.

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I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Virtu Homes with the supply of my husband’s and my dream house. After talks with so many other firms who could not identify the right feel for our intended home, we were completely bowled over by the professional practice in providing the home Virtu has. Minimal fuss and we moved into an incredible house with ease. Virtu Homes we strongly recommend as the go-to business for the best living.

Just genius. Everything that was provided to us by the team at Virtu Homes was 100% on the money and we are greatly satisfied with the results of our new home. We have a lot of guests usually and by taking into account our many family gatherings, they were able to provide a stylish and spacious home fit for a royal visit, let alone our own. Highly recommended.

I cannot fathom the amount of work put in by Virtu Homes over the time in securing the perfect home for my family. After the first initial meetings we are always skeptical that something would always put the spanner in the works in getting the home we wanted. Virtu Homes not only listened to everything we wanted in a home but also went far beyond with the final product. Absolutely wonderful people who have done everything we could have hoped for in providing our beautiful home.

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