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There are many factors at play as to why your current crop of land could be losing money.


Different Types of Land You May Be Losing Money On, But Could Benefit From a Sale

It could be due to the pandemic, it could be down to changes in Brexit and it could be down to the land being unfit for your intended purposes. You could stand to be losing income, opportunity and interest as time goes on. However, one area of demand in the UK currently is the need for further housing development, so owning these particular pieces of land that may be losing you money, now may be the best time to cash in with a profitable sale to a housing developer.


Farming land is among the highest categories that can be sold at extremely high rates per acre.

Depending on its size, soil type, climate and other factors your farmland stands to be a very profitable sale to the right party. Many farms have suffered over the course of the pandemic and the changes in Brexit which has caused a lot of financial hardship in the farming community. New build developments are highly in demand and the size of your farmland can provide a wealthy dose of investment on the right sale.

Recreation Areas

Due to the pandemic, a lot of parks and recreational activities have been reduced to zero activity, losing a lot of revenue and costing a lot of jobs.

Areas used for biking tracks, paintball courses and other leisure activities have found themselves seriously out of pocket and wondering if they will ever find their way back. This means that people owning land that has these recreational parks can find a solid influx of cash through a sale to a residential property developer in Manchester that can make the area a desirable location for housing.

With no clear indication that these leisure activities will find their footing again in 2021, the time may be right to provide the sale.

Parking Lots

Do you own a patch of land that is usually excess parking for outdoor concerts, fairs or events?

Here is another piece of land that may be going to waste for the foreseeable future but could house an impressive estate for contemporary housing via residential property developers in Manchester. Taking into account the proximity to leisure parks, local attractions or historical sights this could be a huge moneymaker for you instead of parking your income for the next year.

Finding the right property developers for your land is always a concern, so you need to talk with a developer who knows the right way to go about a sale and puts the client’s interests first. Contact the acquisitions team at Virtu Homes to understand the potential of your land and determine how valuable your future can be.


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