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All of the staff at Virtu Homes wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021.


A Year of Amazing Housing

We hope that all of our clients are happily celebrating this festive season in their new luxury homes and those who are preparing for a move in the new year. At Virtu Homes, we have been proud of the level of success we have had in new build developments and projects throughout 2020, a year unlike any other.

We plan on making 2021 another rewarding year for new housing developments in Manchester and for those with the land they are looking to sell.

Here we review a couple of successful projects of 2020.

Mere View

Earlier this year Virtu Homes completed development on this stunning 9 home project that instantly became a sought after piece of property.

In March, homebuyers began to buy up the impressive properties that adorned the beautiful greenery of the county park and a waterside view complete with a sailing club. By providing the natural beauty of outside space with the very latest in luxury living requirements indoors, these amazing properties began to sell fast with the increase in desire for more spacious housing.

We at Virtu were very pleased with the successful project and it’s quick sales during 2020 through Reed Reigns.

Ivy Cottage

Among the work we are most proud of was the renovation of Ivy Cottage, which also included a back to brick restoration and extension.

This project was the property developers dream job, being able to bring a classic building back to life with up to date facilities without clashing with its classic facade. Located in the heart of Wilmslow, Ivy Cottage was the ultimate in design for our team in combining the old with the new without compromising on the appeal of both.

Hitting the market through Jackson-Stops at an impressive 1.3m price tag, Ivy Cottage is ranked among our top favourite projects of 2020.


What can be said about a project more than its incredible amount of pre-sales before the project was even finished?

That’s what Silverwood in Didsbury was able to achieve before advertising was even printed upon them. The 7 house-10 apartment complex is located in a peaceful area surrounded by the best of living within the gated community, perfect for those looking to escape city life without giving up the best it had to offer.

With some of the most prestigious schools and shops around this village environment, Silverwood became the success of 2020 for housing demand and sits as a very special project to us at Virtu Homes.

With 2021 seeing no shortage of housing requirements and many more special projects to look forward to, we at Virtu Homes thank everyone for making 2020 a very special year for residential property developers.


Coppice Road

bespoke home design

Didsbury Village


bespoke home design

Ivy Cottage


Victoria Mill


I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Virtu Homes with the supply of my husband’s and my dream house. After talks with so many other firms who could not identify the right feel for our intended home, we were completely bowled over by the professional practice in providing the home Virtu has. Minimal fuss and we moved into an incredible house with ease. Virtu Homes we strongly recommend as the go-to business for the best living.

I cannot fathom the amount of work put in by Virtu Homes over the time in securing the perfect home for my family. After the first initial meetings we are always skeptical that something would always put the spanner in the works in getting the home we wanted. Virtu Homes not only listened to everything we wanted in a home but also went far beyond with the final product. Absolutely wonderful people who have done everything we could have hoped for in providing our beautiful home.

Just genius. Everything that was provided to us by the team at Virtu Homes was 100% on the money and we are greatly satisfied with the results of our new home. We have a lot of guests usually and by taking into account our many family gatherings, they were able to provide a stylish and spacious home fit for a royal visit, let alone our own. Highly recommended.

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