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As the new year approaches, it gives us time to reflect on what 2020 has taught people.


Top 2021 Wants for New Build Properties

With a view to ensuring we have what we want going forward and nowhere has it been even more apparent as the housing sector and the requirements provided to property developers.

People decided they wanted space, rural living and relaxation above all else with a huge demand for property being the success story of 2020, which has led to new build property for sale being a continuing feature into 2021.

It comes to new build developments and especially those bespoke projects, let’s look at the current top tier desires that are wanted throughout the home.


Unsurprisingly the biggest factor in living comes with the availability of internet access.

Having a beautiful spot with luxurious living arrangements is one thing, but it being in an area that is not a black spot for connectivity is the big win. With many people now ingrained into home working as standard, the reliance on internet bandwidth is huge. Thankfully this is not as much an issue as it has been previously thanks to 4G networks that are designed for more rural areas This is also hand in hand with young business professionals wanting a quieter environment but wanting a home office situation or multi-functional room so they can have a separate space to get work done.

Multi-Functional Rooms

With the focus on home working needing a separate space from home living, the desire for multi-functional rooms is high on the demand list for new builds.

People want to make the most of their space without compromising on luxuries, the desire for space to make a combination of room identity ensures that the room can be fully utilised without seeming overly spread out or clashing to the point of congestion. Therefore it becomes an option to have a section of the living room area for the family but can also incorporate a work area throughout the day where anything from zoom conferences to client talks can happen without the threat of being interrupted by background activity.

How about the kitchen which can also be a bar area for those nights when you begin entertaining again? As we plan to begin getting back to some form of normal interaction with people, having these options provide plenty of scope for being able to occupy the same space.

Home Cinemas and Gyms

Among the biggest trends for 2021 is having what you miss incorporated into the home.

With cinemas and gyms being closed over a portion of 2020 and looking to continue into 2021 for a short term, many homebuyers want to bring their entertainment and fitness requirements home. This has seen an overall desire for internal or external home cinema rooms and kitted out gyms so that passions can still be adhered to and luxury can still be maintained without having to leave the home, whether on a lockdown or not.

External home cinema huts are becoming more common, with connectivity to the internet so that Netflix and other streaming properties can be presented on a big screen with the comfort supplied by sofas and other seating means. Gone are the days of uncomfy cinema chairs and hello to the reclining seating. An extra outbuilding can provide a beautiful getaway from the house and time to do what you love.

At Virtu Homes we like to believe that one person’s requirements are a team goal, and we look forward to helping families and individuals live their life to their fullest with whatever they feel they need within new housing developments Manchester. Contact the team at Virtu Homes to begin ticking off your wishlist for new build property for sale in 2021.

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I cannot fathom the amount of work put in by Virtu Homes over the time in securing the perfect home for my family. After the first initial meetings we are always skeptical that something would always put the spanner in the works in getting the home we wanted. Virtu Homes not only listened to everything we wanted in a home but also went far beyond with the final product. Absolutely wonderful people who have done everything we could have hoped for in providing our beautiful home.

Just genius. Everything that was provided to us by the team at Virtu Homes was 100% on the money and we are greatly satisfied with the results of our new home. We have a lot of guests usually and by taking into account our many family gatherings, they were able to provide a stylish and spacious home fit for a royal visit, let alone our own. Highly recommended.

I couldn’t be any happier with the work of Virtu Homes with the supply of my husband’s and my dream house. After talks with so many other firms who could not identify the right feel for our intended home, we were completely bowled over by the professional practice in providing the home Virtu has. Minimal fuss and we moved into an incredible house with ease. Virtu Homes we strongly recommend as the go-to business for the best living.

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